About Us


How We're Helping


In 2013, Vibrant Green for Vibrant Peace (VG4VP) was created for two separate but interconnected reasons: First to alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies to all people affected by disaster across the country. We strive to provide relief to those who are in need of necessities, counseling or guidance. VG4VP also assists single parents in an effort to ensure their children a successful future. Secondly, to help reduce the effects of crime, gang activity, and recidivism by positively impacting the lives of at-risk youth, and troubled adults by implementing a set of strategies and tactics designed to correct the criminal lifestyle and mentality. 

 We at Vibrant Green for Vibrant Peace are actively involved in the communities providing the resources that it takes to properly resocialize these individuals so that they can become productive, contributive members of society.


Get Involved

 Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join the team! 


Thank You

 Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you.